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Eight Glasses of Water A Day Keep The Doctor Away

Water is very important. We can live more than two weeks without foot. However, we can only live for eightto ten days without water. Water goes around our body through blood. It carries oxygen and food for cells. It cleans our body and brings the waste in sweat or urine. It also keeps the balance of minerals in our body. Most parts of human body use water to work. We cannot move well if there is not enough water in our body.
Sixty five percent of our body is water. To keep that amount of water in our body we must drink an average of eight to ten glasses of water each day. How much water does a person need everyday? It depends on the volume of urine and sweat. An athlete who does a lot of physical exercise certainly needs to drink more water than a bank manager who spends most of his time in the office. Beside drinking, many kinds of food are also a good source of water. Fruit and vegetable, for instance, is eighty to ninety five person.

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